Trolls say my disabled husband can’t satisfy me but they’re wrong – it’s not like a movie but we turn each other on 0 380

A COUPLE have taken to YouTube to reveal that cruel trolls mock their relationship and their sex life. 

Shane Burcaw was born with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), and has used a wheelchair since the age of two.

InstagramShane and Hannah have revealed that trolls often question their sex life[/caption] InstagramThe couple revealed that they have no issues when it comes to the bedroom[/caption]

He met Hannah Aylward after she reached out to him online, and the pair have been in a relationship ever since.

The couple even tied the knot in September 2020, but as their romance blossomed, they revealed the abuse and criticism they’ve received due to their ‘interabled’ relationship.

Shane, from Pennyslvania, appeared on This Morning alongside Hannah to chat to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about their life.

Shane revealed that people often mistake Hannah for his nurse or carer, treat him like a child, or assume he’s incapable.

And now the couple have taken to YouTube, on an episode of StyleLikeU to open up about their sexuality.

The video was uploaded with the caption ‘laughing At Your Ableist BS’ and is part of the StyleLikeU series that sees diverse individuals claim self-acceptance by stripping down to open up about style, self-image and identity.

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Hannah explained: “Often people will assume that I’m Shane’s sister or mum.

“We definitely get a lot of comments from straight men thinking that it’s not fair that I’m with Shane and that I should be with them.

“People say that I couldn’t possibly be satisfied, we get that every day.” 

Shane revealed that due to his condition, men often assume that he can’t have sex, but this is not the case.

He said: “They perceive that I can’t have sex in their very limited, missionary man f***s woman. They think that is the be all and end all of sex.

“Little do they know…” 

“Our intimacy benefits from my disability and our intimacy is not just me enjoying it.

“It doesn’t look like what you see in the movies but I can totally do it.”

Shane explained that although he can’t move physically as non-disabled men would, this definitely doesn’t cause issues in the bedroom.

He continued: “I am more often that not, the initiator.

“A non-disabled mum might come up to Hannah and start rubbing her shoulders and I just say ‘hey, do you wanna go have sex?’ and I know that that probably shakes people as like ‘oh that must be not romantic’ but take our word for it. 

“After I ask that, we are romantic.


“When we are in bed together I can ask her ‘will you roll me towards you’ or ‘can you move my arm so I can reach your neck or cheek’.”

Hannah explained: “In general Shane uses his voice in ways that other people might just physically do something.”

Hannah revealed that although Shane can ask her to move him into specific positions, they also have a secret language for these kinds of requests.

She continued: “We have shorthand for all of these things – he doesn’t say ‘can you move my legs under your legs’, we just know.

“I feel like I know his body and preferences as well as I know my own.”

The couple are so comfortable with each other that their relationship works perfectly and they completely trust one another. 

Hannah added: “The best part about our relationship is that we have comfort with each other.”

Due to his disability, Shane has often been made to feel like a burden, but with Hannah things are different. 

He said: “I know that our life will continue to be hilarious and fun and full of adventure.

“I feel for the first time in my life that I’m not a burden because Hannah is wholly there for me and doesn’t feel burdened by me.”  

After bing live for just a week the video had already racked up 237,590 views and 14,000 likes. 

Many YouTube users were in awe of the couple’s relationship and took to the comments to express this. 

One person said: “This couple is inspirational…not because of Shane’s disabilities, but because of the way they love, respect and communicate with each other. I just love them!” 

Another added: “They are the most real couple there is. Shane has never been a burden and he has supported her emotional needs. So glad they were featured on this program.” 

A third added: “I have followed Shane and Hannah for years. My husband is also in a wheelchair, and it’s so nice to see other interabled couples have deep meaningful love.”

The couple revealed that they are really comfortable with each other and know what turns each other on InstagramShane revealed that after feeling like a burden for many years, Hannah makes him feel loved and accepted[/caption] YouTube Many YouTube users were supportive of the couple and their openness on their sex life[/caption]

Meanwhile, I have great sex with my disabled client – we have to be inventive with positions but he has same needs as anyone else.

Also, I came out to my husband as bisexual 3 years ago – now I’m the UK’s most famous swinger.

As well as this, I’m a sex worker & I make money posting my bloated belly – I thought I knew the kinkiest fetishes but this surprised me.

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