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AT a recent event, I mentioned to someone that I was writing a Lelo Sona review, and she was quick to tell me it was the sex toy she compared all others to. High praise indeed.

This is likely because of its patented SenSonic technology, which uses – as the name suggests – sonic waves and pulses instead of vibrations for a unique me-time experience.

Described as the “Rolls-Royce of sex toys” by one online reviewer and with plenty of others testifying to experiencing their first orgasm when they used it, this could be one to add to your shopping basket pronto.


  • Lelo Sona 2, £101.15 from Lelo – buy here


  •  Unique Sensonic Technology 
  •  100% waterproof
  •  8 varied modes to choose from
  •  Discreet packaging


  • Can be intense to begin with
  • Difficult to vary the pressure
  • Some settings are quite loud

Lelo Sona review: quick summary

I’m completely sold on the Lelo Sona 2. It’s so sophisticated, I’m hesitant to even refer to it as a toy. It’s not “sexy” in the way you would expect — and I mean that in the best way. It’s sleek, futuristic and looks like a device that knows what it’s doing.

It has eight distinctive settings that include short sharp bursts of repeated pressure, one sustained wave and a setting that varies, seemingly randomly, in its intensity. The downside of the last setting is that it is a little noisy as it moves between softer waves and firmer ones, so that might take you a little by surprise if you’re not expecting it.

In that vein, the buttons on the front of the device that control the intensity weren’t as responsive as I was expecting but pressing harder or even taking the nozzle off the skin completely are very effective alternative ways of adjusting the pressure without interrupting your solo session.

Something the Lelo Sona 2 has that other similar products don’t is that it’s 100% waterproof, so you can take your bath or shower time to the next level without worrying about being left with a broken toy on your hands.

All of these unique features are reflected in its price point; the Lelo Sona isn’t cheap at £89 but is more reasonably priced than the Womanizer Premium Eco, which is very similar in its offering. It is fully rechargeable with a battery life of an hour – plenty of time for a quickie or a longer session – and it comes with a comprehensive manual which, for me, is the sign of any accomplished sex toy. And if there’s one word to describe the Lelo Sona, it’s accomplished.

  • Lelo Sona 2, £101.15 from Lelo – buy here


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Lelo Sona review: full review


When I opened the Lelo Sona 2 Cruise I was happily surprised by its clever, discreet packaging. After unwrapping it from the nondescript cardboard box it came in, I saw another black box with an opaque plastic panel on the front which prevented me from immediately seeing in. However, when I turned the box to a certain angle, I was able to catch my first glimpse of the Lelo Sona.

Small and sleek, it looks more like an award in its plush packaging than a sex toy — the first sign that this was going to be a high-quality experience. It came with a silky black bag, a charger, and (my favourite thing) a comprehensive, cover-all-bases instruction manual.

After plugging it in for around an hour — no batteries required, which is a bonus — it was ready to go. It has a battery life of an hour in total, so there’s no need to worry about losing charge just as you’re about to orgasm.

Because of the patented SenSonic technology, this clitoral massager is a little different from others on the market. It works by sending waves deep into the body to amplify the depth and quality of your climaxes. It also reaches 75% more of the clitoris than a normal vibrator, which is an excellent thing seeing as the clitoris is home to 8,000 nerve endings that are all waiting to be stimulated.

Eight vibration patterns make this happen, and they are controlled by the central button on the front, which is also the key to turning the device on and off. There are settings ranging from short, staccato bursts to longer options, with the final of the eight settings unpredictably upping the intensity every now and then, although I’d recommend building up to this one as it can be quite intense to start with.

The slight downside if being discreet is high on your list of requirements is that it’s louder than you might expect because it is so powerful. However, it is still discreet enough that no one will hear it through a closed door, whether you choose to use it in your bedroom or, if you’ve taken advantage of the 100% waterproof material, in the bathroom.


So how do you use the Lelo Sona? It’s fairly simple: just place the nozzle over your clitoris, hold it still and wait for the magic to happen. Unlike with the Womanizer Premium Eco, you can move it around without any discomfort, but you don’t need to. The best way to make the most out of this product is to take advantage of those sonic waves.

For a more intense experience, press down harder and then use the buttons on the front to control the overall power of the vibrations. If you’re looking for less pressure, take it off your skin completely and hold the toy above your clitoris. Because of the sonic waves, you’ll continue to very gently feel the effect. If this is still too much, place the nozzle next to the clitoris instead.

  • Lelo Sona 2, £101.15 from Lelo – buy here

How much does the Lelo Sona cost?

With an RRP of £119, the Lelo Sona is on the pricier side, making it more expensive than other clitoral massagers, like the Lovehoney Magic Touch Rechargeable Clitoral Finger Vibrator, which sells for £39.99. However, it is cheaper than its closest competitor, the Womanizer Premium, which retails at £169.


Where to buy the Lelo Sona

There are a number of retailers that sell the Lelo Sona 2 Cruise including online beauty giants Beauty Bay, Look Fantastic, Feel Unique and Cult Beauty. Predictably, it’s also available from Amazon.

Or if you buy it from Lelo itself, it’s currently got 25% off.

Lelo Sona review: the verdict

Yes, yes, yes – pun absolutely intended. This sex toy gives you everything: a classy experience from start to finish, a sleek design and something for everyone, whether that’s intense or gentle, sustained or staccato.

I love this toy, and after a quick look on the Lelo website, so does everyone else. The best way to sum up my thoughts is by sharing the words of one happy online customer. “All I can say is good luck to future partners.” Good luck indeed.



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Managing Relationships While Working in the Adult Industry Comments Off on Managing Relationships While Working in the Adult Industry 258

Navigating romantic relationships can be complex, and this complexity often intensifies when one or both partners are involved in the adult industry. In this guide, we’ll explore practical strategies for maintaining healthy relationships, fostering open communication, and addressing challenges that may arise when one’s profession involves adult entertainment.

1. Open Communication:

Communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship, especially when working in the adult industry. Establishing open and honest communication channels helps build trust and understanding between partners.

Example: Provide communication tips, such as setting aside dedicated time for discussions, creating a judgment-free zone, and actively listening to each other’s concerns.

2. Establishing Boundaries:

Clearly defining and respecting boundaries is crucial for both partners. Discussing comfort levels, expectations, and limits ensures that both individuals feel secure in the relationship.

Example: Offer guidance on how to have constructive conversations about boundaries, emphasizing the importance of mutual consent and compromise.

3. Building a Support System:

Developing a robust support system is essential. This includes friends, family, or colleagues who understand and respect the nature of the profession and can offer support during challenging times.

Example: Share stories of couples who have successfully built strong support systems and provide tips on how to nurture these networks.

4. Trust and Transparency:

Trust is a cornerstone of any relationship but becomes even more critical when working in the adult industry. Being transparent about one’s work and addressing concerns promptly helps foster trust between partners.

Example: Illustrate the positive outcomes of trust-building actions, such as being open about work schedules, discussing potential challenges, and offering reassurance.

5. Educating Partners:

Sometimes, misunderstandings arise due to lack of knowledge. Educating partners about the adult industry, its dynamics, and dispelling common myths can promote a better understanding of the profession.

Example: Create a guide for individuals to share with their partners, explaining the realities of the adult industry, emphasizing the consensual nature of the work, and addressing misconceptions.

6. Coping with External Judgments:

Working in the adult industry often comes with societal stigma. Discuss strategies for coping with external judgments and maintaining a strong sense of self-worth within the relationship.

Example: Share empowering stories of individuals who have successfully navigated societal stigma, emphasizing self-love and resilience.

7. Seeking Professional Guidance:

Relationships can benefit from professional guidance. Encouraging couples to seek counseling or therapy when faced with challenges can provide a neutral space for communication and support.

Example: Highlight success stories of couples who have sought therapy to strengthen their relationship and provide resources for finding qualified professionals.

8. Planning for the Future:

Discussing future plans is vital for any couple. Addressing long-term goals, such as career transitions or family planning, helps both partners feel secure and invested in the relationship.

Example: Offer advice on creating a shared vision for the future, navigating career changes, and making joint decisions that align with both partners’ aspirations.


Successfully managing relationships while working in the adult industry requires a combination of open communication, trust-building, and a proactive approach to addressing challenges. By fostering understanding, establishing clear boundaries, and seeking support when needed, couples can build strong, resilient relationships that thrive despite the unique demands of the profession. Remember, every relationship is unique, and adapting these strategies to suit individual needs is key to a fulfilling and supportive partnership.

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1. Diverse Platforms and Formats:

Online adult content is not confined to a single platform or format. From websites and streaming services to interactive content, understanding the variety available is essential.

Example: Differentiate between mainstream adult websites, premium subscription services, and emerging interactive platforms, providing a glimpse into the diverse options.

2. Privacy and Security:

Respecting privacy is crucial when engaging with adult content online. This includes understanding the importance of secure connections, anonymous browsing, and being mindful of personal data.

Example: Provide tips on using virtual private networks (VPNs), secure payment methods, and the importance of reading privacy policies on adult websites.

3. Responsible Consumption:

Consuming adult content responsibly involves being aware of ethical considerations. This includes consent, avoiding illegal content, and understanding the potential impact on relationships.

Example: Share stories or case studies illustrating the importance of responsible consumption and the potential consequences of engaging with non-consensual or illegal content.

4. Age Verification and Restrictions:

Most countries have regulations regarding the access to adult content, often requiring age verification. Understanding and complying with these regulations is vital for legal and ethical reasons.

Example: Provide a step-by-step guide on age verification processes on different platforms and emphasize the importance of adherence to legal requirements.

5. Impact on Mental Health:

Consuming adult content can have varying effects on mental health. It’s crucial to be aware of the potential impact and seek support if needed.

Example: Discuss the potential consequences of excessive consumption, addiction, or unrealistic expectations, and provide resources for mental health support.

6. Consent and Ethical Production:

Understanding the concept of consent extends to the production of adult content. Ethical consumption involves supporting platforms and creators that prioritize the well-being and consent of performers.

Example: Showcase initiatives or platforms that prioritize ethical production, emphasize performer rights, and provide fair compensation.

7. Balancing Fantasies with Reality:

Distinguishing between fantasy and reality is important when consuming adult content. Developing a healthy perspective on sexuality involves recognizing the difference between scripted entertainment and real-life relationships.

Example: Share anecdotes or expert opinions on how to maintain a balanced view of sexuality and relationships while consuming adult content.

8. Community and Education:

Online communities and educational resources play a role in promoting healthy discussions about adult content. Engaging with like-minded individuals and staying informed contributes to a positive online experience.

Example: Highlight reputable online forums or educational platforms where individuals can learn more about various aspects of adult content, share experiences, and ask questions.


Navigating the world of online adult content requires a balanced approach, combining awareness, responsibility, and respect. By understanding the diverse landscape, prioritizing privacy and security, and promoting ethical consumption, individuals can ensure a positive and consensual online experience. Remember, responsible engagement contributes to a healthier digital environment for both consumers and content creators alike.

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