Cyber brothel claims customers surged during pandemic as people ‘felt safer’ with sex dolls 0 420

THE ‘world’s first’ cyber brothel says it’s seen a surge in clientele during the pandemic.

The cyber sex experts think the increase in popularity is due to people feeling safer with sex dolls and sex tech than real humans.

KokeshiA cyber brothel has seen a recent surge in customers[/caption] Kokeshi.aiThe virtual reality brothel is offering a free 180 degree experience till January 9[/caption]

A representative from Kokeshi Cybrothel Berlin told The US Sun: “We saw a surge in clientele during the pandemic because I think people felt safer with a doll.

“But of course, this is also dependent on our high standard of hygiene as well. Beyond that, I think people are just exploring their sexuality and desires more during the pandemic.

“You can see that in the growth of the sex tech industry in general. A lot of big internal questions are coming up for people and this can lead to an experimental spirit, right?

“And what better place to try out new kinks, fantasies and constellations than our shame free cyber brothel.”

The cyber brothel recently collaborated with porn studio BaDoinkVR to offer a free VR cyber sex experience.

BaDoinkVR is the world’s leading virtual reality adult entertainment production company.

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It creates 180 and 360-degree experiences that immerse users in creepy sci-fi sex worlds.

A recent study revealed that virtual reality porn use is on the rise and the number of female VR porn users has almost tripled from 2019 to 2021.

The global value of the VR adult content market is said to be around $716million (£540million) in 2021.

This has been predicted to rise to around $19billion (£14billion) in 2026, according to Juniper Research.

Despite its current popuarlity, Kokeshi Cybrothel Berlin still weren’t sure whether cyber brothels will be the future of the sex industry.

A representative told us: “It’s hard to say, as we are literally the first company that’s created a cyber brothel.

“We think we’re certainly setting a new standard of interactive sexual and sensual experiences within the sex tech space.

“We’re giving consumers access to interactive dolls and VR/AR experiences at an hourly rate which allows a larger demographic more accessibility to the technology.

“They don’t have to shoulder the full economic purchase of a doll and a VR headset but can still come and explore the tech. I could see this becoming more of a trend- like a ‘cyber night on the town’.”

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