Are bald guys better lovers? Saira Khan says slapheads have better sex, while Ola Jordan says ‘bald equals boring’ Comments Off on Are bald guys better lovers? Saira Khan says slapheads have better sex, while Ola Jordan says ‘bald equals boring’ 353

SHOULD hairless men cover up or be bald as brass?

The Sun told yesterday that Britain comes sixth in the world slaphead league while the Czech Republic has more bare pates per shiny head of the population than any other country on Earth.

GettyOla Jordan says bald men are not sexier and reminisces on husband James Jordan’s hair which he had chopped off for charity[/caption] INSTAGRAM/SAIRA KHANSaira Khan believes bald men like husband Steve Hyde, are sexier[/caption]

But if our position is down to British baldies trying desperate measures such as hats, comb-overs or implants, maybe they should just bare.

For despite worries about hair loss going back centuries, many people think it actually makes men sexier – just look at The Rock, Pep Guardiola or Bruce Willis.

A host of studies have found that bald men, like Mr Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jason Statham, look dominant, confident and attractive.

TV personality Saira Khan and former Strictly pro dancer Ola Jordan debate which looks sexier – full hair, or brazenly bare.


SAIRA has two children with her bald husband Steve Hyde, a businessman.

Steve’s head is as smooth as a baby’s bottom, and I absolutely love it.

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Double down

I purposely got pregnant with baby No.2 when I should've been 39wks with my 1st

Baldness screams masculinity and although I want a man who tends to his ear and nostril hair, I also want caveman rugged.

Steve was 32 when we got together, with wispy blond hair which was already receding. I was like, “Just shave it all off.”

The guys I’d dated in my 20s and 30s all had full hair but when it comes to the barnet, fellas, there is NO in between. Limp and straggly strands down the sides with a thinning patch on top is not a good look.

Steve was reluctant to brave the shave because, with a big nose and pale skin, he wasn’t hopeful he could carry it off.

However, when his hair went, in came an entirely new and sexy Steve with his sharp suits and smart polo neck jumpers. He started dressing like a man with no hair and it was hugely attractive.

Jason Statham is a hairless wonder and Steve was like, “Right, I’m going to be more like him”.

And boy, does he wear his lack of locks well.

Comedian Larry David once said, “Anyone can be confident with a full head of hair.

“But a confident bald man – there’s your diamond in the rough”. It’s true!

It’s also often said that bald men are more virile. The popular theory is that they have higher levels of the male hormone testosterone, which makes them more masculine and increases their sex drive. And who am I to disagree?

Steve’s mates tease him with the nickname Baldie, but for me, he is THE most masculine-looking of the group

Saira Khan

The thought of being intimate with Steve with a full head of hair actually turns me right off. I love the fact that I don’t need to run my hands through gel, wax and hairspray.

And as for having to compete with a man over the hairdryer – no thanks, I couldn’t cope. Nor could I deal with having to watch him preening his locks with hair products.

There are exceptions to the bald head rule and some men don’t suit the Bic razor look.

Prince William, for example. He has that posh, floppy-haired look about him and doesn’t seem to have the confidence which shouts, “Here I am”, bald and all.

But maybe he could surprise us!

Steve’s mates tease him with the nickname Baldie, but for me, he is THE most masculine-looking of the group. He isn’t the most attractive, but in terms of sex appeal, Steve’s got it.

And when he walks into a room, I catch other women looking.

But ladies, please step aside, this baldie is   all mine.


FORMER Strictly star Ola, 39, has a daughter with her hairy husband, fellow dancer James Jordan, 43.

A man with a full head of hair is a man that I love.

Long locks are youthful and men with hair have an air of coolness about them. As for a man who is completely bald – I am simply not a fan.

When Brad Pitt wore his hair long, I lapped it up, and as for Vin Diesel, if only he had some.

According to science, bald men are more attractive because being hairless makes them look more masculine.

But for me, a full mop of hair is what makes a real man.

They are comfortable in their own skin and don’t feel the need to prove their masculinity by removing every strand of their mane. They are much more sophisticated too.

Around 20 years ago, just after I married James, he started to grow his hair out while we were living in Hong Kong and I found it incredibly sexy.

I fancied him like mad.

He looked like the typical surfer boy, with sun-drenched highlights blowing in the wind.

I loved running my hands through his thick, curly hair and it was incredibly sexy

Ola Jordan

He never felt he had to make a fuss of his hair, he was just that cool guy.

I would look at him and think, “He is amazing”, and I felt lucky he was my husband.

I loved running my hands through his thick, curly hair and it was incredibly sexy.

It felt like a comfort blanket and I loved pulling on it, for fun.

But in April this year he had his hair cut short to raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity, which of course I supported, but now I just think his hair is boring.

I look at celebrities with long hair, like Chris Hemsworth in the movie Thor, and I will say to James, “Go on, grow it for me, please”.

But James said he has got no choice, because his hair is receding at the front and getting thinner.

So if he wanted to try treatments to grow it, I’d definitely support him.

Now that James’s hair is completely different, all I can do is look back at older pictures of him instead and pine for the good old hair days.

A man like Jason Momoa is my ideal man. Big muscles and lots of hair – that is the dream.

BackGridIf our position is down to British baldies trying desperate measures such as hats, comb-overs or implants, maybe they should just bare[/caption] Many people think being bald actually makes men sexier SplashPrince William has that posh, floppy-haired look about him but doesn’t seem to have the confidence which shouts, ‘Here I am’, bald and all[/caption] GettyBald men, like Mr Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jason Statham, look dominant, confident and attractive[/caption] Alan PeeblesAccording to science, bald men are more attractive because being hairless makes them look more masculine[/caption] Getty – ContributorIt’s also often said that bald men are more virile. The popular theory is that they have higher levels of the male hormone testosterone[/caption]

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Managing Relationships While Working in the Adult Industry Comments Off on Managing Relationships While Working in the Adult Industry 258

Navigating romantic relationships can be complex, and this complexity often intensifies when one or both partners are involved in the adult industry. In this guide, we’ll explore practical strategies for maintaining healthy relationships, fostering open communication, and addressing challenges that may arise when one’s profession involves adult entertainment.

1. Open Communication:

Communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship, especially when working in the adult industry. Establishing open and honest communication channels helps build trust and understanding between partners.

Example: Provide communication tips, such as setting aside dedicated time for discussions, creating a judgment-free zone, and actively listening to each other’s concerns.

2. Establishing Boundaries:

Clearly defining and respecting boundaries is crucial for both partners. Discussing comfort levels, expectations, and limits ensures that both individuals feel secure in the relationship.

Example: Offer guidance on how to have constructive conversations about boundaries, emphasizing the importance of mutual consent and compromise.

3. Building a Support System:

Developing a robust support system is essential. This includes friends, family, or colleagues who understand and respect the nature of the profession and can offer support during challenging times.

Example: Share stories of couples who have successfully built strong support systems and provide tips on how to nurture these networks.

4. Trust and Transparency:

Trust is a cornerstone of any relationship but becomes even more critical when working in the adult industry. Being transparent about one’s work and addressing concerns promptly helps foster trust between partners.

Example: Illustrate the positive outcomes of trust-building actions, such as being open about work schedules, discussing potential challenges, and offering reassurance.

5. Educating Partners:

Sometimes, misunderstandings arise due to lack of knowledge. Educating partners about the adult industry, its dynamics, and dispelling common myths can promote a better understanding of the profession.

Example: Create a guide for individuals to share with their partners, explaining the realities of the adult industry, emphasizing the consensual nature of the work, and addressing misconceptions.

6. Coping with External Judgments:

Working in the adult industry often comes with societal stigma. Discuss strategies for coping with external judgments and maintaining a strong sense of self-worth within the relationship.

Example: Share empowering stories of individuals who have successfully navigated societal stigma, emphasizing self-love and resilience.

7. Seeking Professional Guidance:

Relationships can benefit from professional guidance. Encouraging couples to seek counseling or therapy when faced with challenges can provide a neutral space for communication and support.

Example: Highlight success stories of couples who have sought therapy to strengthen their relationship and provide resources for finding qualified professionals.

8. Planning for the Future:

Discussing future plans is vital for any couple. Addressing long-term goals, such as career transitions or family planning, helps both partners feel secure and invested in the relationship.

Example: Offer advice on creating a shared vision for the future, navigating career changes, and making joint decisions that align with both partners’ aspirations.


Successfully managing relationships while working in the adult industry requires a combination of open communication, trust-building, and a proactive approach to addressing challenges. By fostering understanding, establishing clear boundaries, and seeking support when needed, couples can build strong, resilient relationships that thrive despite the unique demands of the profession. Remember, every relationship is unique, and adapting these strategies to suit individual needs is key to a fulfilling and supportive partnership.

Understanding and Navigating the World of Online Adult Content Comments Off on Understanding and Navigating the World of Online Adult Content 250

The internet has transformed the way we access and consume information, including adult content. Navigating this vast and often complex digital landscape requires understanding, responsibility, and respect. In this guide, we’ll explore key aspects of online adult content, helping you make informed choices while ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

1. Diverse Platforms and Formats:

Online adult content is not confined to a single platform or format. From websites and streaming services to interactive content, understanding the variety available is essential.

Example: Differentiate between mainstream adult websites, premium subscription services, and emerging interactive platforms, providing a glimpse into the diverse options.

2. Privacy and Security:

Respecting privacy is crucial when engaging with adult content online. This includes understanding the importance of secure connections, anonymous browsing, and being mindful of personal data.

Example: Provide tips on using virtual private networks (VPNs), secure payment methods, and the importance of reading privacy policies on adult websites.

3. Responsible Consumption:

Consuming adult content responsibly involves being aware of ethical considerations. This includes consent, avoiding illegal content, and understanding the potential impact on relationships.

Example: Share stories or case studies illustrating the importance of responsible consumption and the potential consequences of engaging with non-consensual or illegal content.

4. Age Verification and Restrictions:

Most countries have regulations regarding the access to adult content, often requiring age verification. Understanding and complying with these regulations is vital for legal and ethical reasons.

Example: Provide a step-by-step guide on age verification processes on different platforms and emphasize the importance of adherence to legal requirements.

5. Impact on Mental Health:

Consuming adult content can have varying effects on mental health. It’s crucial to be aware of the potential impact and seek support if needed.

Example: Discuss the potential consequences of excessive consumption, addiction, or unrealistic expectations, and provide resources for mental health support.

6. Consent and Ethical Production:

Understanding the concept of consent extends to the production of adult content. Ethical consumption involves supporting platforms and creators that prioritize the well-being and consent of performers.

Example: Showcase initiatives or platforms that prioritize ethical production, emphasize performer rights, and provide fair compensation.

7. Balancing Fantasies with Reality:

Distinguishing between fantasy and reality is important when consuming adult content. Developing a healthy perspective on sexuality involves recognizing the difference between scripted entertainment and real-life relationships.

Example: Share anecdotes or expert opinions on how to maintain a balanced view of sexuality and relationships while consuming adult content.

8. Community and Education:

Online communities and educational resources play a role in promoting healthy discussions about adult content. Engaging with like-minded individuals and staying informed contributes to a positive online experience.

Example: Highlight reputable online forums or educational platforms where individuals can learn more about various aspects of adult content, share experiences, and ask questions.


Navigating the world of online adult content requires a balanced approach, combining awareness, responsibility, and respect. By understanding the diverse landscape, prioritizing privacy and security, and promoting ethical consumption, individuals can ensure a positive and consensual online experience. Remember, responsible engagement contributes to a healthier digital environment for both consumers and content creators alike.

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