I was stunned when my postman rudely threw my parcel at me – and then I realised why… 0 209

A WOMAN was left mortified after a label gave away what was inside her rather embarrassing delivery.

Jennifer Birch told her followers on TikTok that she’d been left more than a little red-faced when her postie delivered the parcel that she’d been waiting for.

Tiktok/@jenniferbirch95Jennifer Birch was left embarrassed when the customs declaration of her parcel revealed its contents[/caption]

“I’ve been waiting over two three weeks for this parcel in my hand,” she began in the video, which she captioned: “Thank you Royal Mail”.

“And it got delivered on the 23rd, missed it, again yesterday, missed it, so then I had no idea what was coming.

“I was like, ‘I haven’t even ordered anything’ because I just completely forgot.”

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But it was when her postman couldn’t get rid of the parcel fast enough that Jennifer’s suspicions were aroused.

“The postman just came and literally I opened the door in my dressing gown and he like chucked it in the door, right?” she continued.

“And I was like, ‘Thank you’, thinking, ‘Hmm, ok’.

“I cannot believe it. On the bloody packaging, I don’t know if you can see that, it just tells everyone what I’ve ordered – ‘sucking vibrator’.”

Tiktok/@jenniferbirch95She couldn’t believe that her postman had seen it[/caption] Tiktok/@jenniferbirch95“It best be good,” she hilariously concluded her video[/caption]

Zooming in on the words in question, Jennifer added: “Wow, wow… so everyone in the f***ing post office, and the delivery man, know that I’ve ordered a vibrator.”

Concluding her video, she hilariously said: “This best be f***ing good!” 

Some of Jennifer’s followers were quick to comment, with one joking: “I mean, at least it didn’t go to your neighbours!”

Another added: “When I was 15, I ordered some paint off Amazon and it came in a reused box which had ‘pregnancy tests’ written on the side. My mum had a fit!”

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